Book Review: Rough Justice

Author: Sarah Castille
Publication Date: 2/3/2015
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Genre: Contemporary Romance

(Below may contain spoilers)

Review: Quote from Rough Justice

“Jagger bent down and touched his forehead to hers. “Because you’re mine. And ‘mine’ means I’ll look after you. It means nothing happens you don’t want to happen and no one touches you with your consent. It means your life is in my hands and I will do everything in my power to ensure you are safe and secure and your needs are met. It means something happened to you that twisted your perception so bad, you look at us and you see only them. I’ll make that right. I’ll give you justice. I’ll give you back whatever was taken from you.”

End Quote.

Rough Justice by Sarah Castille is beyond sexy! Now, I love a good romance novel as much as the next gal but I’ve never really found an MC book that’s captured my attention until this book that is!

Arianne or as they call her in the biker world “Vexy” is the saucy tough and beautiful lady that grows up with her dad being an MC President himself. Unfortunately the biker life isn’t kind to Arianne and she’s got plans to leave it all behind her until she meets Jagger Knight.

Jagger, an MC President himself, is the male lead who is a total dominating protective alpha male and I absolutely love it! The quote I posted above pretty much sums up his feelings towards Arianne in a nutshell. His character is far from overbearing – as we know can happen easily with these romance novels- he truly finds his other half when it comes to Arianne. However it takes a lot for him to keep her.

Out of five stars I gave this book 4 sizzling ones! With out giving too much of the book away 😉 I will say that I honestly enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. If you’re an MC fan or even a Romance fan in general you wont want to miss this one.

Source: Personal Collection.


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