Book Review: The Last True Vampire

Author: Kate Baxter
Publication Date: 6/2/2015
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Review: If a dangerously sexy no bullshit type of guy – er vampire – is your thing then this book might be the one for you. Michael or Mikhail is ( as the title states) THE last true vampire! Literally!  The poor guy is the sole carrier of something called the collective memory, basically a History book of every last detail/memory having to do with his kind. Let’s just say that he’s had to carry this burden on his shoulders since the 1600’s when a secret society called the Sortiarti completely slaughtered his entire race. These guys are no joke. They go around dressed as priests basically cleansing the world of these demonic soulless creatures aka vampires.(If you’re a vampire lover like me I’m sure you resent that notion! haha)

Michael may be the only true vampire on earth but there are kin wandering around with him called Dhampirs. Basically a half-blood that can only be turned through a  full-blood’s (Michael’s) bite. Unfortunately the only way that can happen along with the restoration of the entire Vampire race is if Michael can tether his “untethered” soul. *sigh* Did I mention how  much I feel for this guy? Basically being “untethered” means that  your soul is missing – yikes! the price one must pay for immortality right?- and you can only hope that one day in your unending life you will be able to be whole again by finding your true mate.
Well, let me tell you when Michael does meet his mate – and oh boy the instant connection is electric!- the book is a constant battle field from then on and I mean that both figuratively and literally. Let’s just say Kate Baxter had me glued to my seat not even wanting to put the book down for a second. I must be honest while I have enjoyed every single book I’ve reviewed so far it’s been a long time since I’ve found a book that’s made me want to skip breakfast, lunch, dinner, hell even classes just to see what the hell Michael was going to do with his very HUMAN mate.
Did I forget to mention that before? Yeah his mate is none other than a bad ass human who is beautiful, tough and can totally handle Michael any day of the week. Which is why I love her! As much as I want to continue on and on I can’t cause then there would be no story for you guys to read! lol Seriously I couldn’t have asked for more in a Paranormal Romance. Kate Baxter’s The Last True Vampire had me thirsting for more till the very end! So if you haven’t read it yet I recommend that you do as I will be getting the second book in this series – The Warrior Vampire– ASAP!
Source: Personal Collection.



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