Book Review: Arouse

Author: Nina Lane
Publication Date: 1/24/2014
Publisher: Snow Queen Publishing
Genre: Romance
Length: 406 pgs. Print length
Price: $3.99 ( according to iBooks)
Source: I requested and received this book via NetGalley in order to give an honest review in return.

Review: First let me start off by asking “Why the hell haven’t I read this novel before?!”

Seriously I have read many romance novels all about finding love, meeting Mr. Perfect and even exploring your deepest and darkest fantasies BUT never have I read a story about a married couple whose passion is undeniable and yet life still manages to knock them off their feet and as a result they have to fight for the relationship they once had.

The main couple – Dean aka Professor and Olivia aka Liv – captured my heart. I found my self stressing over the outcome of their relationship as if they were real people. This book tells a story of how even the most well meant secrets can almost destroy a “freakishly happy” marriage.

Let me just tell you ladies (or dudes) that Dean West is the epitome of “Tall dark and handsome.” He absolutely made me swoon! He was polite, a gentleman, and loved Olivia with a love so deep I found myself envying her character. (Uhm hello don’t we all want someone to treat us like we’re their treasure?!) His very character just had me completely hypnotized.

“Liv,” he said, his voice rough with tenderness, “you don’t have to be afraid.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’ll slay the monsters for you.”


Dear Heavens!! *sighs* As you can see from above Professor West is definitely a ladies man and when Olivia confides in him knowing that her past is definitely one that would have most women needing a shoulder to lean on that is exactly what Dean provides her.

This was just a very realistic heart-wrenching story about two people who loved each other more than anything and even when all their chips fell they refused to accept that as their reality.

Fall seven times. Get up eight.

“I don’t want to lose you,” I whisper.

“You’ll never lose me.” He slides his hand to the back of my neck. “I want you to come home.”

Overall my biggest complaint is that I haven’t read this book until now. If you haven’t read it already I suggest that you do! I don’t doubt that Olivia and Dean’s love story will capture your hearts as they did mine. You’ll find yourself stressing when they stress, tearing up when they cry, and feeling happy as hell when life isn’t beating them down. Not only was this story moving it was also saucy! Nina Lane is amazing at what she does let me tell you this book probably has the best written sex scenes I have ever read * fans myself*

Arouse is book 1 in a series make sure to read them in order

  1. Arouse: A Spiral of Bliss Novel
  2. Allure: A spiral of Bliss Novel
  3. Awaken: A spiral of Bliss Novel
  4. Adore: A spiral of bliss Novel
  5. Book 5 coming soon

I’m giving Arouse a 4/5 stars!


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