Review Policy

WhatSheReadsBlog is currently accepting requests especially for any of the following:

  1. YA of any genre
  2. Romance of any genre (paranormal is my favorite)
  3. Dystopia
  4. Contemporary Fiction

However I may make exceptions depending on the book and if it catches my attention! I will pretty much give anything a try if it catches my interest. I love reading but I can’t say I will accept every request I may receive.

Time line:
I will complete any requests in a timely manner but always in order. I will give you a time frame to the best of my ability.

Types of Books:
ARC’s, E-books, and of course paper copies.

At this time I will accept self-published books if I feel like I can make a connection with it but I make no promises. Please remember that all my reviews will be 100% honest. I will not give a review that is not true to my opinion. Please feel free to email me with any requests that follow this policy ( under contact me. )